AÑORGA ABOGADOS is an independent law firm located in Logroño, the capital city of the province of La Rioja. Since its foundation, the firm has been witnessed an accredited solvency and respectability with a stable and sustained growth. Our professional practice has been devoted to various areas of law. Additionally, we are experienced in providing legal services countrywide.

We are specialized in criminal law, civil law and commercial law. We have also developed a network of partners to ensure the quality of our services, particularly for comprehensive legal needs.

Our service includes looking after the personal circumstances of our clients. We are able to modulate charges for clients according their personalized needs. We promise to provide a service in accordance with your financial abilities.

If you have a legal question that needs to be answered, or you have a case to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call our office to make an appointment before your visit in person. Also, you could access the online query system to leave us more detailed information. Once your case is evaluated by our lawyers, you would be informed of our planning on actions and fees. THE FIRST VISIT TO OUR OFFICE IS FREE OF CHARGE.