Civil Law

The Civil Law regulates issues related to Status of persons, the family, contractual relations, personal assets and the other civil responsibilities.

In AÑORGA ABOGADOS we defend our clients’ interests in the phase of negotiation in order to search for an amicable settlement; in cases of not reaching an agreement, we look after our clients in all judicial proceedings carried out in any court in Spain.

The highlight of our services in relation to Civil Law include:

  • Legal aid in all kinds of civil proceedings before courts and tribunals
  • Real estate transactions (Purchasing and selling, exchanges, surface rights, mortgages and other rights over real estate
  • Drafting and analyzing of civil contracts
  • Issues relating to the horizontal property, communities of owners, division of the common thing
  • Negotiation related to all kinds of civil contracts
  • Drafting and advising on urban and rustic leases
  • Evictions
  • Incorporation of civil corporates and operations related to them
  • Quantity claims
  • Compensation Claims for breach of Spanish law of protection of Personal data (LOPD)
  • Claims of all kinds of compensation related to traffic accidents
  • Compensation claims for contracting of flawed banking products
  • Compensation claims for medical negligence
  • Legal incapacitation, guardianship and curatorship
  • Inheritances and successions
  • Divorce procedures. Contentious and mutual agreement (liquidation of community property, regulatory agreements, alimony
  • Advice and advocacy service in family matters