Criminal Law

The criminal law regulates the punitive power of the State. This authority is carried out by imposing a series of penalties and punishments to those who have committed a crime.

In AÑORGA ABOGADOS we defend the interests of our clients in all of the prosecution procedures including initial actions at the police station and the actions taken in court.

The highlight of our services in relation to Criminal Law include:

  • Defense and prosecution in any type of crime
  • Defense in criminal trials
  • Defense in trials by jury
  • Defense in trials of minors
  • Support the arrested person before the Police and the Courts
  • Criminal indictment: Denunciations and criminal complaints
  • Private prosecution and popular indictment
  • Apply for admission of third grade prison
  • Apply for parole
  • Assistance before entering the courtroom, Courts of Instruction, Criminal Courts, Provincial Audiences, High Courts of Justice, Court with Juries, National Audience, The Supreme Court and Constitutional Courts
  • Apply for provisional freedom
  • Apply for an early release from prison